Ready for Anything

  • Ready for Anything

    During the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, Comcast Business is celebrating the resilience of both Team USA and business owners across America. And there are few people who know more about resilience than Mike Schultz. We shared the story of his journey from pro athlete to business owner and US Paralympic Gold Medalist in our latest work for Comcast Business.

    Released: January 2022

    San Francisco, Comcast/XFINITY

Push It

  • Push It

    Flamin’ Hot has been heating up the snack aisle for over 30 years. And while this fan favorite has been celebrated in social feeds and Reddit threads, it became global news during Super Bowl LVI with the drop of its first brand campaign. The 60-second commercial stars an unlikely cast of characters––including rapper Megan Thee Stallion as a bird and singer Charlie Puth as a beatboxing fox––who re-create Salt-N-Pepa’s iconic ’80s classic “Push It.” It’s time to officially Unleash Your Flamin’ Hot. Even you, sloths.

    Released: February 2022

    San Francisco, Cheetos

Your Cousin From Boston (Dynamics)

Samuel Adams
  • Your Cousin From Boston (Dynamics)

    Looks like Sam Adams’ spokescharacter Your Cousin From Boston got a sweet new gig working night security at the Boston Dynamics robot lab. Spoiler alert: it does not go well.

    Released: February 2022

    San Francisco, Samuel Adams

How Homemade is Made

  • How Homemade is Made

    No one can deliver your mom’s homemade short ribs.

    That’s why Instacart just helps deliver the ingredients. Our new campaign for Instacart, “How Homemade is Made,” invites people to share love through food and celebrate the moments that only happen at home. “Your Mom’s Homemade Short Ribs” is a film, directed by award-winning director Ian Pons Jewell, that imagines a hypothetical world where “your mom’s homemade short ribs'' become famous overnight and are commercially produced for the masses. Sadly, by that point, they no longer look or taste like your mom’s short ribs. The film is accompanied by OOH, social and digital executions that all reinforce that the magic of a home cooked meal is made possible by Instacart.

    “We developed the ‘How Homemade is Made’ campaign to highlight how the traditional concepts of food, family and shared meals that we know consumers crave can not only live alongside modern technology, but actually be fueled by it,” said Rich Silverstein, co-founder and co-chairman of GS&P.

    Released: November 2021

    San Francisco, Instacart