Our Tam

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
  • Mobile: “Our Tam”

    For people living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mount Tamalpais is more than just a mountain. It’s a cherished open space that encompasses some of the most beautiful, ecologically rich and well-loved trails and parklands in the region.

    The birthplace of mountain biking and a source of inspiration for singers, songwriters, artists and filmmakers, Mt. Tam and its watershed are also a critical source of drinking water for 75% of Marin County’s population.

    As part of “One Tam,” a campaign to boost community support and care for Mt. Tam’s treasured resources, the Tamalpais Lands Collaborative (TLC) has launched OurTam.org , a stunning, interactive 3-D re-creation of Mt. Tam.

    Through the website, people visiting Mt. Tam in person can pinpoint their location on the mountain using their phones, or they can add memories from their computers at home in the form of text, photos or videos.

    Once visitors have “left their mark” on the mountain, they can read and enjoy memories shared by fellow Mt. Tam lovers and supporters. The goal of the program is to encourage 10,000 people and organizations to add their voices to the virtual mountain and demonstrate how important a healthy Mt. Tam is to the Marin County community and beyond.

    FW named "One Tam" Mobile Site of the Day.


    Released: March 2015

    San Francisco, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Interactive, Mobile

Birding the Net

National Audubon Society
  • Case Study: “Birding the Net”

    In this virtual bird watching competition, birds fluttered, hopped and soared across more than 100 websites.

    Released: October 2011

    San Francisco, Interactive, Social

Touch Room

Goodby Silverstein & Partners
  • Mobile: "Touch Room App Demo"

    Mobile: "Touch Room App Demo"

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    Anyone who spends a lot of time on the road for business knows that you get sick of not being able to reach out and hug someone you love. That is exactly why we created Touch Room, an app that allows you to “touch” your friend or loved one through your phone.

    The concept was simple: you and your loved one both enter a virtual room, and when your fingers touch the same spot, the phone vibrates. The app was created by the GS&P BETA Group, a posse of developers, UX specialists, producers, creatives and other makers who use technology to find interesting solutions to problems.

    To promote the app, we made a strange little video featuring a weirdly sweet theme song, which was written and performed by GS&P Founder and Co-chairman Jeff Goodby.


    Released: August 2013

    San Francisco, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Interactive, Mobile
  • Web Film: "Touch Room App"

    Web Film: "Touch Room App"

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    To promote the app, we made a strange little video, featuring an oddly sweet theme song–written and performed by GSP founder and co-chairman Jeff Goodby.

    Released: August 2013

    San Francisco, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Interactive, Mobile

Space Hotel

  • Space Hotel

    To demonstrate how Cisco Spark’s bold collaboration platform allows teams to make the impossible possible, we brought together an interior designer, a space explorer, an astronautics professor and a travel expert to answer the question: With space tourism upon us, where will we stay?

    The result is the Space Hotel—an immersive 360 video tour of a galactic hotel that might only be a few years from reality given the technology already at our fingertips. The hotel includes a lobby, bedrooms, a dining area, an observation deck and the universe’s first zero-G swimming pool.

    The collaborators included David Barnhart, a professor of astronautics; interior designer Nicole Hollis, principal and creative director of NICOLEHOLLIS; Anousheh Ansari, the first female private space explorer; and Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of The Points Guy.

    The digital campaign is a continuation of Cisco’s campaign “There’s Never Been a Better Time,” which GS&P introduced in May 2016. The platform’s perpetual optimism fuels Cisco’s drive to make formerly outlandish ideas, like a space hotel, reality.

    Released: January 2017

    San Francisco, Cisco