Notre Dame

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  • Notre Dame


    The world stood still on April 15th, 2019, when a burning Notre-Dame de Paris filled our TV screens. It seemed as if centuries of history were about to be lost forever. 

    Luckily, firefighters were able to get the blaze under control and a long restoration process began. Autodesk leveraged scans created of Notre Dame via reality capture technology prior to the fire, enabling them to develop a stunning 3D BIM model of the Cathedral as it existed before the catastrophic event. This model became the lynchpin of the historically accurate rebuild.

    To showcase Autodesk’s support in the restoration efforts and their ability to make anything, we created this moving spot from the perspective of the Lady of Paris herself. Built in 1163, she marvels at the ability of modern technologies to restore her rich past.

    Released: April 2023

    San Francisco, Autodesk Construction Cloud

Hearty Dippers

  • Hearty Dippers

    Surging inflation, climate change, the work-from-home/back-to-office divide—there are many things happening in the world today that could make us crack. Thanks to Tostitos, a broken chip in your dip won’t be one of them. 

    That’s because Tostitos has produced a chip designed to be an anchor of stability in an otherwise-upside-down world. Why? Tostitos Hearty Dippers are the brand’s sturdiest chip to date, and that means they won’t crack under the pressure of even the thickest dip. True, such sturdiness is not going to bring about world peace, but at least it makes for one less thing to worry about.

    We’re all about to crack. Your chips shouldn’t.

    Released: March 2023

    San Francisco, Tostitos

BMW XM Billboard

  • BMW XM Billboard

    BMW's most powerful vehicle ever just went from "top secret" to "impossible to miss". Check out the BMW XM's global debut on a 14,000 sq. ft. 3D billboard in Times Square.

    Released: September 2022

    San Francisco, BMW

Rockstar Energy: Fuel What's Next

  • Rockstar Energy: Fuel What's Next

    Angus Cloud is a rising star, from serving brunch tables to delivering epic monologues on Euphoria. In the pages of Variety, he wrapped up his August 10th feature story with an intriguing quote: “...see what happens next.”

    It seems like everyone wants to know what’s next for Angus Cloud. So Goodby Silverstein & Partners created a campaign that explores what’s next for him, fueled by Rockstar Energy.

    Released: November 2022

    San Francisco, Rockstar