Dreams of Dalí

The Dalí Museum
  • Dreams of Dalí

    When a piece of artwork really inspires you, sometimes you just want to jump inside it and wander around. And now you can. 

    “Dreams of Dalí” takes us inside the mind of the legendary surrealist Salvador Dalí by transporting us into one of his early paintings, Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s “Angelus” (1935). Just put on the virtual-reality headset, and you’ll be able to move around inside the painting in a fully immersive 3-D environment. You’ll look beyond what was depicted in the original frame and even hear Dali’s possible thoughts as he was imagining his surreal world. 

    “We are excited that our partnership with the Dalí Museum has allowed us an opportunity to explore a new way to look at art,” remarked GS&P co-founder Jeff Goodby. “Dalí was a true visionary, and no other artist would be a better fit for this project.”

    “Dreams of Dalí” will be open to the public at the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. A 360-degree-video version of the experience, involving simpler VR gadgets like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, is also available at dreamsofdali.org. 

    Released: January 2016

    San Francisco, The Dalí Museum, Interactive, Film, Integrated, Mobile, Experiential

Interactive Multi-Screen Music Video #Overhere

  • Doritos Interactive Music Video

    Introducing the world’s first music video based on the best ever party rule: the more the merrier.

    GS&P partnered with chart-topping American hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd to release their new single “Over Here” with an interactive music video like no other.

    The more phones you link together, the more you see, and the bigger, cooler and bolder the music video becomes. All you have to do is visit overhere.tv and invite your friends to join you. Soon you’ll unlock secret videos unavailable anywhere else, from real-time commentaries to even an old school  8-bit representation.

    It’s a DIY music video that certainly doesn’t feel like work.


    Released: March 2016

    San Francisco, Doritos, Mobile, Social


SONIC Drive-In
  • SONIC #SquareShakes

    People are obsessed with capturing the world on Instagram, so we thought, “What if we manipulated the real world to fit it on Instagram?”

    GS&P launched a partnership with SONIC and Instagram celebrity @ChefJacquesLaMerde to introduce the world’s first product designed especially for Instagram: SONIC #SquareShakes. The SONIC Square Shake was entirely square, perfect for photographing and sharing, complete with a square cup and a square straw. 

    The shakes were available exclusively through “Shop Now” sponsored ads on Instagram for 2016 Coachella festivalgoers at the Base Camp festival grounds. Through the geotargeted ads, attendees could order the shakes and sample them on the spot—a first-of-its-kind program for Instagram. Samplers were then encouraged to share their Square Shakes on Instagram with the hashtag #SquareShakes, thus completing the Insta-circle.

    Released: April 2016

    San Francisco, SONIC Drive-In, Mobile, Social

Touch Room

Goodby Silverstein & Partners
  • Mobile: "Touch Room App Demo"

    Mobile: "Touch Room App Demo"

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    Anyone who spends a lot of time on the road for business knows that you get sick of not being able to reach out and hug someone you love. That is exactly why we created Touch Room, an app that allows you to “touch” your friend or loved one through your phone.

    The concept was simple: you and your loved one both enter a virtual room, and when your fingers touch the same spot, the phone vibrates. The app was created by the GS&P BETA Group, a posse of developers, UX specialists, producers, creatives and other makers who use technology to find interesting solutions to problems.

    To promote the app, we made a strange little video featuring a weirdly sweet theme song, which was written and performed by GS&P Founder and Co-chairman Jeff Goodby.


    Released: August 2013

    San Francisco, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Interactive, Mobile
  • Web Film: "Touch Room App"

    Web Film: "Touch Room App"

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    To promote the app, we made a strange little video, featuring an oddly sweet theme song–written and performed by GSP founder and co-chairman Jeff Goodby.

    Released: August 2013

    San Francisco, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Interactive, Mobile