Independents on 5th: Shoppable Holiday Windows

  • Independents on 5th: Shoppable Holiday Windows

    For many people holiday shopping means trips to big-box stores and algorithm-based online retailers. Every year, it’s getting harder and harder for small businesses to compete and for consumers to find unique, thoughtful gifts.

    Enter PayPal.

    GS&P partnered with PayPal to identify five small businesses that offer unique gifts and have socially conscious missions. Then we brought them to holiday retail’s biggest stage: Fifth Avenue in New York City, where thousands of tourists flock to each holiday season to see the elaborate window displays of traditional department stores. This year, however, those tourists were treated to five fully shoppable holiday windows that were every bit as dazzling as those of their big-box counterparts. Small business got a boost, and holiday shopping got a lot more interesting.

    Released: December 2019

    San Francisco, PayPal

Post Limón

  • Post Limón

    This year, Doritos® introduced new Flamin’ Hot Limón. The bold heat of Flamin’ Hot, now with a twist. To announce the news, we transformed world famous recording artist Post Malone into his new alter ego – Post Limon – the ultimate brand spokesperson for the new flavor.

    The spot, directed by Terence Neale, launches during the Grammy Awards and features Post’s chart-topping track “Wow” off his latest album Hollywood is Bleeding. We tapped real characters from Post’s entourage to star alongside him, including his longtime tattoo artist Kyle Hediger, who may or may not add some new triangular artwork to Post’s face. For the launch, Post Malone even changed his name to Post Limon across his social accounts. Without further ado, Doritos Flamin’ Hot Limon presents: #PostLimon.

    Released: January 2020

    San Francisco, Doritos

Can't Touch This

  • Can't Touch This

    Anyone who’s eaten Cheetos has ended up with the cheesy, messy orange ‘Cheetle’ dust all over their fingers. Until they’ve licked them clean, they can’t do much at all­­ – let alone touch anything. But what if someone discovered this could get them out of the very things they don’t want to do?

    That’s the basis of this year’s Cheetos Super Bowl commercial: in which an unsuspecting guy discovers an unexpected super-power. The spot officially launches Cheetos Popcorn into the world and stars rap-legend – and our Bay Area neighbor – MC Hammer and his iconic catch phrase: ‘U Can’t Touch This.’

    Ever wanted to get out of work the day after Super Bowl Sunday? Cheetos Popcorn is your perfect excuse.

    Released: January 2020

    San Francisco, Cheetos

Good Apart. Better Together.

  • Good Apart. Better Together.

    Just in time for Super Bowl, Tostitos has launched its newest flavor combination: Tostitos Strips and Avocado Salsa. Like so many things in life, they’re good apart ­– but even better together. So, who better to announce this incredible new pairing than one of pop-culture’s most unexpected (and amazing) duos: Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart.

    In the spot, the two stars fight for screen time to promote their respective products – whipping back and forth between Snoop’s dark and moody music video set and Martha’s sun-kissed outdoor entertaining area. That is, until Snoop is lured into trying the ‘green stuff’ that Martha’s so expertly prepared.

    Released: January 2020

    San Francisco, Tostitos