Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th Anniversary

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
  • May 27th, 2012 marked the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary. Goodby Silverstein & Partners, an ad agency founded in San Francisco, has had a long-standing relationship with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

    Rich Silverstein served for fifteen years on the board of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, where he helped make them into a brand that is the envy of our country’s park system.

    For the bridge’s 75th anniversary, we challenged ourselves to have people see the bridge, one of the most photographed and iconic American symbols, in a way they never had before.

    GS&P’s photographer and senior art director, Claude Shade, was granted access to areas of the bridge that are otherwise strictly off-limits. The shots offer never-before-seen angles of the Bridge’s classic art deco architecture. The photos were then doctored to stay in-theme with the iconic bold “international orange” color and color blocking aesthetic Rich Silverstein made famous in our previous print work.


    Released: December 2016

    San Francisco, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Print

Independents on 5th: Shoppable Holiday Windows

  • Independents on 5th: Shoppable Holiday Windows

    For many people holiday shopping means trips to big-box stores and algorithm-based online retailers. Every year, it’s getting harder and harder for small businesses to compete and for consumers to find unique, thoughtful gifts.

    Enter PayPal.

    GS&P partnered with PayPal to identify five small businesses that offer unique gifts and have socially conscious missions. Then we brought them to holiday retail’s biggest stage: Fifth Avenue in New York City, where thousands of tourists flock to each holiday season to see the elaborate window displays of traditional department stores. This year, however, those tourists were treated to five fully shoppable holiday windows that were every bit as dazzling as those of their big-box counterparts. Small business got a boost, and holiday shopping got a lot more interesting.

    Released: December 2019

    San Francisco, PayPal

A Holiday Reunion

  • A Holiday Reunion

    Last year saw the busiest Thanksgiving ever—54.3 million Americans traveled to see family and friends.

    To celebrate this idea of reconnecting for the holidays, we brought two of the most iconic friends in film history back together—E.T. and Elliott—for Comcast NBCUniversal, Comcast/Xfinity and Sky TV. 

    In this holiday short-story film, E.T. returns to Earth and joins Elliott’s modern day family on their adventures—sledding, scarfing down cupcakes and discovering all the technology that’s changed since E.T.’s first visit 37 years ago.

    Directed by Lance Acord and edited by two-time Oscar winner Kirk Baxter, the film features over 30 Easter eggs in the form of props, wardrobe references and callbacks to iconic moments for E.T. fans to discover each time they watch it. A number of these Easter eggs were custom-created by social influencers who then shared the project with their own fans. 


    Released: December 2019

    San Francisco, Comcast/XFINITY