You Can't Replace Wildlife Once It's Gone

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance
  • You Can’t Replace Wildlife Once It’s Gone

    You can’t replace wildlife once it’s gone.

    That’s the serious conservation message in our playful new work for the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. In the fully integrated campaign across TV, print and outdoor, a cast of costume-clad sheep try to pass as endangered animals. Why? To demonstrate that earth’s biodiversity is irreplaceable. “So many wildlife organizations use doom and gloom to shock viewers into action,” said Goodby Silverstein & Partners co-chairman Jeff Goodby. “We didn’t want to come from a dark place. Instead, we wanted to delight viewers to inspire them to help the SDZWA with their important mission.”

    While TV and Out-Of-Home star the sheepish imposters, one radio spot offers up the famous lyrics of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” sans Lion, while the other puts a twist on nature-doco narration and offers up a world where sheep are the only animals left.

    Released: November 2021

    San Francisco, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance