• Spotlight

    It’s time we dispel the myth – rock stars are simply born into the spotlight. Today’s rock stars put in their hours and their passion to do the thing they love. And, it doesn’t matter if it’s skateboarding, gaming, or activism because Rockstar Energy will help fuel your hustle.

    In their first-ever Super Bowl commercial, we follow the spotlight as it reveals some of the real rock stars in the world focused on their grind. We travel from the stage to the streets discovering stars like Apple Music’s Artist of the Year Lil Baby, skater Chris Joslin, designer Zerina Akers, gamer Nadeshot as well as a squad of real people with real hustles.

    Shot by the multi-Grammy awarded director Dave Meyers, the film brings a fresh and aspirational look to the energy drink category without losing any bit of the spirit that leaves you wanting to conquer your craft.

    Released: February 2021

    San Francisco, Rockstar