Your Cup Is Always Full

  • Your Cup Is Always Full

    Did you know that the average American spends over $1,100 a year on coffee? That’s more than many people save for retirement. As research shows, coffee can be one of our guiltiest pleasures—we love it, but we feel awful about paying too much for it.

    That’s about to change.

    On March 2, 2020, Panera Bread and GS&P are rolling out the “Your Cup Is Always Full” campaign to introduce a new unlimited-coffee subscription for $8.99 a month.

    The campaign launches with the above 30-second spot, directed by Craig Gillespie, that plays off of our instinctual draw to coffee in the morning. People from all walks of life are seen perking up at the sound of a mysterious call. As we come to find out, they’re answering the call of unlimited coffee from Panera.

    Released: March 2020

    San Francisco, Panera