Seize the Night & Day

  • Seize the Night & Day

    Have you ever looked at Jennifer Aniston and wondered “how does she sleep at night?” You might think she sleeps very well as one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood with all the latest sleep technology us mere mortals couldn’t dream of, right? Wrong. Our friend Jen struggles with sleep. And she’s not alone. So many women are dealing with insomnia. (Yes, unfortunately, women are more likely to suffer from sleep struggles than men.) But here’s the thing, the world of insomnia is pretty depressing. That’s why to launch our campaign for a new sleep treatment by Idorsia, we sought to bring a little light-heartedness to the category and bring to life the mental gymnastics that often happen when you can’t sleep. With a full female creative squad, and directed by Taika Waititi, here’s the first installment of our campaign encouraging women to wake up and Seize the Night & Day.

    Released: January 2022

    San Francisco, Idorsia