• Togetherness

    We all love getting together with our loved ones. We’re only human.

    Eighty-two percent of families say they crave more time to be with their families.

    In fact, 33 percent said their resolution for 2016 is to do just that. 

    This inspired us to create a campaign all about togetherness for Dreyer’s, the brand that invented classic ice cream flavors like Rocky Road and Cookies ’N Cream. Our campaign debuted with an emotional 90-second online video and a 30-second television commercial celebrating heartfelt moments of togetherness.

    The spot plays along with a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” by Swedish artist Ane Brun. The commercial forms the center of an integrated campaign celebrating true moments of togetherness with print ads featuring real families.

    Released: May 2016

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