Jack's New Angle

  • Jack's New Angle

    In 2023, Doritos launched a new brand platform on the Super Bowl stage, inspiring people to try new products, new experiences and new angles in their careers. “Try Another Angle” continues the brand’s push to own its iconic shape and will introduce people to a new world of flavors and activations that are all centered on the triangle.

    The Super Bowl commercial stars Gen Z darling and Grammy-nominated rapper Jack Harlow, who—inspired by the iconic Doritos shape—tries another angle and transforms the humble triangle instrument into a global sensation. This outrageous and hilarious spot also features cameos from real hip-hop and news media; TikTok stars; and a special appearance from the Queen of hip-hop, Missy Elliott, and the one and only Sir Elton John.

    Released: February 2023

    San Francisco, Doritos

Doritos Earns 3rd & 4th Place On USA Today's AdMeter of Best Super Bowl Ads

February 8, 2016

Interactive Multi-Screen Music Video #Overhere

  • Doritos Interactive Music Video

    Introducing the world’s first music video based on the best ever party rule: the more the merrier.

    GS&P partnered with chart-topping American hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd to release their new single “Over Here” with an interactive music video like no other.

    The more phones you link together, the more you see, and the bigger, cooler and bolder the music video becomes. All you have to do is visit overhere.tv and invite your friends to join you. Soon you’ll unlock secret videos unavailable anywhere else, from real-time commentaries to even an old school  8-bit representation.

    It’s a DIY music video that certainly doesn’t feel like work.


    Released: March 2016

    San Francisco, Doritos, Mobile, Social

Doritos’ #OverHere Music Video is Creativity’s “Editor’s Pick”

March 28, 2016