Cool Ranch

  • Cool Ranch

    The ranch just got cooler. In more ways than one. This year, Doritos has made their iconic Cool Ranch flavor even cooler with more ranch flavoring. To announce the news, Doritos decided to take fans back to the Old West... with one new addition: Lil Nas X.

    The :60 features an epic western showdown between legendary cowboy Sam Elliott and Grammy-winning artist Lil Nas X – of course set to the track "Old Town Road" – the longest running No. 1 hit ever on the Billboard chart.

    The spot, directed by Lance Acord, shows the two stars facing off in an epic hip-hop / western dance battle that features plenty of hip pistols, but no guns. And for all the fans that want to dance just like their western heroes, Doritos has partnered with Sway, an AI-powered app that lets you dance just like Sam and Lil Nas and share with the world. #CoolRanchDance


    Released: January 2020

    San Francisco, Doritos

Doritos Earns 3rd & 4th Place On USA Today's AdMeter of Best Super Bowl Ads

February 8, 2016

Interactive Multi-Screen Music Video #Overhere

  • Doritos Interactive Music Video

    Introducing the world’s first music video based on the best ever party rule: the more the merrier.

    GS&P partnered with chart-topping American hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd to release their new single “Over Here” with an interactive music video like no other.

    The more phones you link together, the more you see, and the bigger, cooler and bolder the music video becomes. All you have to do is visit and invite your friends to join you. Soon you’ll unlock secret videos unavailable anywhere else, from real-time commentaries to even an old school  8-bit representation.

    It’s a DIY music video that certainly doesn’t feel like work.


    Released: March 2016

    San Francisco, Doritos, Mobile, Social

Doritos’ #OverHere Music Video is Creativity’s “Editor’s Pick”

March 28, 2016