Are We There Yet?

  • Innovations

    BMW takes us on a journey through the automaker’s unparalleled legacy of innovation. The premium automaker has been driving future car technologies, from the first electric BMW ever built to the electric vehicles of the future, for the last 100 years.

    Directed by Mark Jenkinson, the ad showcases the innovative spirit of the brand while posing the question “Are we there yet?” without answering it. Instead the spot concludes with the line “Not every journey has an end,” showcasing BMW’s iterative philosophy; they will always keep innovating the Ultimate Driving Machine.

    The story begins in 1972 with a field test of the first fully electric BMW, the 1602 Elektro-Antrieb. We see the car pacing a group of runners as a team of BMW engineers is monitoring the battery. In the next scene, a few years have passed, and a reporter is on her way to witness the 1979 BMW M1 at a racetrack. Throughout the spot we get to see the revolutionary BMW Hydrogen 7 from 2005, a BMW-designed bobsled for Team USA, The first BMW Formula E race car and the brand-new electric concept vehicle, the BMW Vision M NEXT, among other innovations.

    The spot is set to AC/DC’s rock classic “Thunderstruck” to further underline BMW’s legacy in electric—a journey that started way back in the ’70s.


    Released: September 2019

    San Francisco, BMW

BMW Beats Mercedes in U.S. Sales for First Time Since 2015

January 5, 2020

Summer On

  • Relativity

    Our first campaign for BMW, “Summer On,” explores Einstein’s relativity theory, which states that time isn’t absolute, but a function of speed. Therefore, the faster one moves, the slower one senses the passing of time. When brought to a brand level, the spot brings to life how a second inside a BMW is different than a second outside a BMW. The voiceover explains how the miracle of summer happens, and the math behind it: Only 93 days. Or 8 million seconds. 

    Released: June 2018

    San Francisco, BMW , Film