Talk Shop: Episode Three

  • GS&P Voices - Talk Shop: Episode Three

    To finish up Black History Month, we’re taking a look at the effects of tokenism on the few of us in the industry. Feeling like a little black dot in a see of white faces is no fun.


    San Francisco

Talk Shop: Episode Four

  • GS&P Voices - Talk Shop - Episode Four

    We’re celebrating International Women’s Day with a discussion from some female GSPers about the realities of a post #MeToo era and the drawbacks of the movements.

Talk Shop: Episode One

  • GS&P Voices - Talk Shop: Episode One

    Talk Shop is a space to bring unfiltered conversations about life and work from people of diverse backgrounds and identities.                                        

    In our inaugural episode, we celebrate Black History Month by creating space for black GS&Pers to talk about what the word woke means to them. Has the word lost all meaning in the age of memeification? We also look to the future of black history and advertising: who are the heroes of today and what are our hopes for the industry tomorrow.

Talk Shop: Episode Two

  • GS&P Voices - Talk Shop: Episode Two

    Our second episode of Talk Shop dissects the experiences of black creatives in the industry. From navigating agency life to creating work that is culturally relevant, black creatives face a unique set of challenges.

    San Francisco