• We’re cultivating a place where people do their very best work – work that moves people and reshapes culture.

    To that end, our staff and our work need to reflect the world around us.

    It’s why we look for interesting talent in unexpected places; why we honor diversity we can see, and diversity we can’t see; and why we search out perspectives and experiences that might be missing here.

    Diversity at GS&P means that inclusivity and equity must be present here every day, in everything we do. We’re making big strides toward these goals, and are constantly excited by the difference it all makes.

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Black &

  • GS&P Voices - Black &

    Black History Month is a time to remember all the achievements that Black people have accomplished, in spite of great obstacles. It’s a time for celebration, but that joy often gets lost in discussions of oppression and past circumstances, so this year, we wanted to remind ourselves that we’re not just black. We’re black & so much more.

    San Francisco

Talk Shop: Episode One

  • GS&P Voices - Talk Shop: Episode One

    Talk Shop is a space to bring unfiltered conversations about life and work from people of diverse backgrounds and identities.                                        

    In our inaugural episode, we celebrate Black History Month by creating space for black GS&Pers to talk about what the word woke means to them. Has the word lost all meaning in the age of memeification? We also look to the future of black history and advertising: who are the heroes of today and what are our hopes for the industry tomorrow.

Talk Shop: Episode Two

  • GS&P Voices - Talk Shop: Episode Two

    Our second episode of Talk Shop dissects the experiences of black creatives in the industry. From navigating agency life to creating work that is culturally relevant, black creatives face a unique set of challenges.

    San Francisco