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Jill Sammons & Leslie Bee
Directors of Talent

San Francisco

Head of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

GSP is looking for a Head of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to develop a long term strategy and roadmap that helps increase representation, create a culture of belonging and contribution, and promote equity and fairness in everything the agency does in both its San Francisco and New York offices. Over the past several years, the agency has increased its focus on creating a more inclusive workplace through its community outreach, recruiting efforts, employee initiatives, training and development.  Recognizing that this is only the beginning, the agency has created this position and is committed to investing in programs, policies, practices, and initiatives that will reimagine the employee experience in order to create a truly inclusive culture. 

This person will be a collaborative and creative thinker who will challenge assumptions and the status quo. They will work closely with our agency leaders, raise the profile and voices of members of underrepresented groups, and facilitate open, honest dialogue that moves the conversation and the agency forward. They will ultimately be based in San Francisco, but oversee initiatives in both the San Francisco and New York offices, and report into our President.


Key Responsibilities

Develop a long term strategy and framework for EDI at GSP that is integrated into every aspect of how the agency operates. Socialize the plan across the agency, ensuring that everyone understands the objectives and their role in upholding it.

Design an evaluation plan with clear benchmarks and measurable goals. Monitor EDI metrics, and research-based insights to diagnose and assess the impact of specific strategies and initiatives, optimizing as needed.

Manage and allocate the EDI budget against programs and initiatives that support the overall strategy, including learning and development. 

Guide, advise, and educate the leadership team and agency at large on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion across these five areas: Culture, Career, Community, Collaboration, Clients:

Culture – Advise the leadership team on strategies across all touchpoints of the employee experience to promote an inclusive culture and reflect the agency’s commitment to creating a safe and diverse workplace. Provide recommendations for and implement training/remedies. Be an integral voice in both internal and external communications. Provide guidance on effective measurement of qualitative inclusion sentiment via employee sentiment survey.

Career - Work closely with the HR/People leadership team to reduce bias across recruiting, interviewing, compensation, on-boarding, career development/performance reviews and exit interviews. Create programs to support the advancement of underrepresented employees via career development programs, affinity groups, cultural events, mentorship programs, etc. 

Community – As a champion of inclusion, develop meaningful relationships with employees, and help amplify their voices, especially those from underrepresented groups. This includes working with the agency’s affinity groups, helping them to develop initiatives and their annual budgets. Build relationships and partnerships with Bay Area community organizations, industry peers, and EDI thought leaders to advance awareness and action in the broader industry. Develop and maintain strong relationships within the EDI community, continuously bringing new ideas, insights and learnings from those groups into the agency.  

Collaboration – Partner with Department Heads, HR, and employees to ensure that processes, communications, campaigns and initiatives are being created with inclusion at the forefront. 

Clients – Work with internal client teams to ensure that EDI practices are integrated into the creative process to have positive impact on client outcomes. Develop relationships with EDI leaders within existing clients, and prospective client organizations, as needed.

The Candidate

Values-oriented and empathic leader who is passionate about creating inclusive cultures where all people have the opportunity to maximize their impact.

Well versed in building, managing, and measuring diversity and inclusion strategies.

A consummate relationship builder and partner who can seamlessly manage multiple voices, opinions, and personalities to create an atmosphere of camaraderie and collaboration.

A resilient, creative and strategic thinker who is not daunted by obstacles.

A superb problem solver who looks for unexpected solutions.

An insatiable curiosity and desire to learn, with the confidence and humility to admit what they don’t know.

Exceptional communicator and listener who can contextualize what’s said to derive full meaning.

Trusted advisor and partner who can debate in a constructive way.

Guides and influences rather than dictates, and is not afraid to have the hard conversations or make difficult decisions.

Experience working with or within an advertising agency would be preferred.

Success Criteria 

Within a year, this person will have:

Set benchmarks to increase GSP’s representation and hold leadership accountable to progress.

Developed initiatives, programs, and practices that increase GSP’s ability attract, support and retain employees from underrepresented groups.

Contributed to a more inclusive culture as measured by responses in the employee survey.


If you are interested in our opportunity, we hope you will submit your application. Thank you.


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