Account Manager


We have an exciting opportunity for an Account Manager with three to four years of advertising agency experience to join us in our San Francisco office.

We are looking for a candidate who can do the following:

Pro-actively lead the development process from ideas through execution

Support the growth and invest time in the development of the Assistant Account Managers on the account

Consistently bring independent, thoughtful POV’s to the table

Write and present clearly and persuasively

Champion great creative work

Is a well-liked, trusted and empathetic partner to clients

Negotiate high-pressure situations in a positive, calm, objective, professional way

Take accountability to navigate and communicate timelines and deliverables

Stay positive, and knows how to keeps people motivated

This is a chance to join an award-winning team and work with some of the best creative minds in the country.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to the link below.  Please use the cover letter as an opportunity to convince us as to why we need to hire you.   We look forward to hearing from you.


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No current openings.


But if you are interested in getting on our radar please write us at We'd love to hear from you.



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Integrated Account Director

We are looking for an Integrated Account Director to join our outstanding Account Management Department.  This Account Director role is on our largest client - working on the brand business but also working across the separate, business units and helping us to develop work across all mediums.  This opportunity is a truly integrated role.  The Account Director would be working closely with members of all our strategy departments, senior members of our creative department and with all facets of production.

As an Account Director we expect that you are no longer managing projects but leading accounts or large pieces of accounts. Your job is more than helping make the trains run well and on time. It’s now about helping others make sure this happens. And, more importantly, it’s about guiding the process and decisions on where to lay new track. It’s a role that requires equal parts of quality control and leadership.

For us a great Account Director does the following:

1) Clearly defines the client’s business problem and gets people in the Agency excited to work on it.

2) Provides their own point-of-view that is considerate of both the Client’s and Agency’s viewpoints, but not necessarily beholden to either one of them.

3) Serves the needs of the individuals on their team and on the account.

Although you are the senior person managing a team of people, this is not permission to act above the other people working on the account (especially the account managers). Instead, you need to work to serve their needs, individual by individual. This means making time for them – even treating their time as more important than your own. This can’t be emphasized enough. The directors that people like working with the most seem to be the ones most generous and open with their time.

4.) Constantly set (and if necessary, change) the conditions on the account to allow people to do their best work.

If you have experience working as an Account Director for a few years and understand how to help a client get to remarkable work, we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

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Assistant Account Manager

Assistant Account Manager

We currently have an immediate opening in our Account Management Department for an Assistant Account Manager (AAM). This is an opportunity to learn everything that goes into making an ad and how to become a great account manager.

This position interacts with the client and is responsible for the daily maintenance of the client's business and managing the daily flow of work through the agency as it relates to their clients.

The day-to-day responsibilities may include (but are not limited to) the following:

Leading projects from start to finish:

Being responsible for kicking off a project, starting with a client brief, and working with strategy to develop a creative brief and get teams organized.

Briefing teams and building out the creative development and client review timeline

Leading client reviews, contact reports, and next steps

Types of projects include:

Running social assignments: creative development, daily monitoring, reporting and analytics, budget and media planning

Digital assignments: banners, website updates, video content for pre-roll



The AAM is the voice of their projects both internally and with clients/agency partners

It is important that the AAM hone their writing and presentation skills so that they can continue to take on more and more as they grow into the next level.

Communication: Internal and Client

Keeping internal and external status documents up to date and clearly leading weekly status calls with clients and agency partners

This position interacts with all the disciplines of the agency. It is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

Individuals who have been successful in this role possess the following qualities:

Take pride in what they do
Work well with others and happily participate
Are problem solvers
Have strong attention to detail.
Are always looking ahead.
React to issues not emotions.

At least one year of prior agency experience is required to be considered for the Assistant Account Manager position.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

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