Zero Sugar. Done Right.

  • Zero Sugar. Done Right

    In 2020, Pepsi launched the new Pepsi Zero Sugar, which comes in a sleek matte-black can. To promote it Pepsi embraced its musical DNA and teamed up with iconic rapper Missy Elliott, breakthrough artist H.E.R. and legendary producer Timbaland to create a bold new version of the classic Rolling Stones hit “Paint It Black.” In a bold challenger move, the Super Bowl campaign starts with H.E.R. choosing to switch her red soda for the matte-black Pepsi Zero Sugar as she sings the first line of the song: “I see a red door, and I want it painted black.” From there H.E.R. and Missy get together to dance and perform the new version of the song, joined by a squad of dancers, in a cool matte-black music video choreographed by all-star choreographer Sean Bankhead and directed by award-winning director Noam Murro.

    Released: February 2020

    San Francisco, Pepsi

Rachel Ferdinando of PepsiCo named AdAge’s “Brand Marketer of the Year"

April 16, 2019