Wingtoberfest "Subtitles"

SONIC Drive-In
  • TV Spot "Wingtoberfest"

    SONIC’s iconic Two Guys had proudly presented many delicious deals before, but never in German. This seemed like a shame. So to promote Wingtoberfest, a promotion for half-price chicken wings, the Two Guys communicated in 100 percent Oktoberfest-appropriate German with the help of a patient German vocal coach and a serious number of subtitles. 


    Released: October 2015

    San Francisco, SONIC Drive-In, Film

Sonic Rollerdogs

SONIC Drive-In
  • Web film: Rollerdogs

    SONIC Drive-In wanted to get the attention of folks who were settling for hot dogs at big-box-retailer cafés and convenience stores. This web film reminded hot dog lovers that there is a better choice out there, just in time for National Hot Dog Month.


    Released: July 2015

    San Francisco, SONIC Drive-In, Film

Most Star-Studded Super Bowl Spot Ever

50 Fund
  • Teaser: "Epic Super Bowl Commercial"

    Teaser: "Epic Super Bowl Commercial"

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    50 Fund, the legacy initiative of the San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee, is kicking off their efforts to make Super Bowl 50 the most philanthropic and giving Super Bowl ever with a 60-second ad during this year’s Big Game.

    50 Fund teamed up with ad agency GS&P to create the BIGGEST, MOST STAR-STUDDED SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL OF ALL TIME. The spot, which will air locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, features more than 30 celebrities with local ties, all coming together for the first time ever to draw attention to 50 Fund’s philanthropic effort.

    Like many Super Bowl spots, this one has a teaser trailer, which can be seen here. Among those featured are Francis Ford Coppola, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Glover, Andy Samberg, Tony Bennett, Kristi Yamaguchi, Carlos Santana and even a couple of sea lions.

    “It’s certainly the most star-studded Super Bowl spot I’ve ever worked on,” said GS&P co-chairman Rich Silverstein.

    Click here to "see" the spot and read about it over at Adweek, who is calling it "One Star-Studded Super Bowl Effort You Probably Missed Sunday Night."

    Released: January 2015

  • Radio: “Epic Super Bowl Commercial”

    Radio: “Epic Super Bowl Commercial”

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    Did you miss the most star-studded Super Bowl ad ever? Unless you were tuned to local Bay Area radio station KNBR during the big game, the answer is "yes."

    A week after unveiling an epic teaser trailer for the spot, the ad for the 50 Fund—legacy initiative of the San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee—turned out to be a radio ad, with celebrities each reading one word at a time. The cast donated their time and names to the cause and KNBR donated the air time.

    The twist underscores the fact that the millions of dollars raised by the 50 Fund will actually go to support low-income youth programs  vs. something as transient as a Super Bowl commercial. 

    “We see Super Bowl as a powerful catalyst for our region, so we wanted to kick off our countdown to Super Bowl 50 with a focus on how we will invest in our communities,” said Daniel Lurie, Chairman of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee.  “We’re incredibly thankful for KNBR and the Bay Area celebrities who generously donated their time and talent to help us support organizations making a difference throughout the region. 

    See the trailer

    Released: February 2015