Birding the Net

National Audubon Society
  • Case Study: “Birding the Net”

    In this virtual bird watching competition, birds fluttered, hopped and soared across more than 100 websites.

    Released: October 2011

    San Francisco, Interactive, Social

Is anybody watching your commercial?



  • Social: #SignMyTweet

    XFINITY Sports teamed up with NFL legend Emmitt Smith to reimagine the sports-autograph experience with the first-ever live Twitter autograph session. 

    All fans had to do was tweet a message to @XFINITYSports using the hashtag #SignMyTweet for a chance to have the NFL Hall of Famer sign their tweet.

    We simply printed out a giant version of their tweet, got Emmitt to autograph it and then mailed it to them.

    This campaign produced unprecedented activity for XFINITY Sports. In just 24 hours, the initiative resulted in the following: 

    • Over 15 million total organic impressions

    • An engagement rate of 8.5 percent (quite amazing for Twitter)

    • 3,815 total uses of #SignMyTweet

    • 400 autographs that were sent to lucky fans

    • One marriage proposal

    You can find more information about #SignMyTweet here

    Released: December 2014

    San Francisco, Comcast/XFINITY, Social

Super Bowl of Marketing

  • Is anybody really watching your multimillion dollar Super Bowl commercial?

    That's the question we asked brands during the Big Game to promote Adobe Marketing Cloud services. 

    Marketers are desperate to know if their campaigns are working and what to do next. With 111 million viewers and a $4 million entry fee for each spot, there’s no larger stage on which to showcase how marketers need to think differently about marketing than the Super Bowl.

    Utilizing new viewing behavior around the Super Bowl, we created a video and distributed it everywhere but on TV. The “Quiet” video played out the myth of Super Bowl engagement and dramatized the fact that people are often not watching the commercials.

    We targeted the Twitter war rooms of brands that were already active with game-day campaigns and sent them baskets of goodies to keep them fueled. During the game we created a war room to target other war rooms and tweeted about the work of everyone in real time.

    We partnered with USA Today and, next to the ad-meter results, showcased thought-leadership pieces and buzz tracking to supplement the antiquated tool.

    The “Quiet” video had 9,000 social shares and 8.6 million video completions. Engagement with the Adobe Marketing Cloud Twitter handle increased 52 times, and there were over 2,500 mentions on social media during the game. 

    The industry made note both before and after the campaign with 144 articles that mentioned our work, including Advertising AgeAdweek and the Wall Street Journal.

    Released: February 2014

    Adobe, Social