Bribe the Senate

Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Birding the Net

National Audubon Society
  • Case Study: “Birding the Net”

    In this virtual bird watching competition, birds fluttered, hopped and soared across more than 100 websites.

    Released: October 2011

    San Francisco, Interactive, Social

Gala Contemplating You

The Dalí Museum
  • Case Study: “Gala Contemplating You”

    At last, the chance to pretend you’re the subject of a legendary artist’s masterpiece. 

    Salvador Dalí often played with double imagery and sensational optical and intellectual illusions in his artwork. As a tribute to his vision, the interactive installation “Gala Contemplating You” gave visitors the chance to be inside one of Dalí’s most famous paintings.

    The installation is inspired by Dalí’s 1976 painting Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea Which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln (Homage to Rothko), which famously proved that 121 pixels was the minimum pixilation at which the brain is able to identify a particular human face.

    A photo kiosk at the museum turned visitors’ self-portraits into pixilated replications of the original artwork and projects these new images alongside the original monumental canvas. A corresponding mobile website ( allowed virtual visitors to submit their photos and become part of the artwork as well. 


    Released: June 2014

    The Dalí Museum, Interactive

The IoE Machine

  • Interactive: “IoE Machine”

    Cisco is building the next phase in the evolution of the Internet—the Internet of Everything. They needed their B2B customers to understand that Cisco will enable a fundamental change in the way companies run their businesses in the years ahead.

    So we created a WIRED magazine app that brought this idea to life and then used it as the blueprint for a digital/experiential tradeshow exhibit.

    The exhibit was called the Internet of Everything Machine, a 20-by-10-foot interactive installation that shows life in a connected city. It made the intangible tangible and gave attendees a unique look at how Cisco is transforming cities.

    Released: May 2014

    Cisco, Interactive