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Every Chip Gets A Dip

  • Web Film: “Every Chip Gets A Dip”

    TOSTITOS believes that no chip should ever be without dip. So for March 23, National Chip and Dip Day, we decided to take that sentiment both very seriously and quite literally by giving everyone in America named Chip his (or her?) own free TOSTITOS dip. For real. All Chips had to do was visit, submit proof of their “Chip-ness” and get ready to receive the deliciousness. While supplies lasted, of course. 

    Released: March 2015

    San Francisco, Tostitos, Film

Let's Be Honest

The Honest Company
  • Let's Be Honest

    GS&P partnered with the Honest Company to launch the Honest Beauty brand campaign. The beauty category seemed to have only one definition of what it is to be beautiful. We didn’t buy that at all. This led to a movement in which women were invited to share their own expressions of beauty using #LetsBeHonest. 

     “Lots of beauty brands are trying to dictate what is and isn’t beautiful. But why don’t we get women to tell us?” said Margaret Johnson, executive creative director. “We don’t wear makeup just because we’re going to work—sometimes we wear makeup because we don’t want our boss to know we’re hungover. We don’t wear makeup just because we’re going out—sometimes we wear makeup to make an ex jealous. #LetsBeHonest celebrates all the honest reasons behind why we create our own looks, and soon they’ll be showcased in the world’s first honest look book.”

    The project was a wonderful opportunity for us to partner creatively with Jessica Alba and the rest of the Honest team, to build on the success of the Honest Company and to break into the beauty category. 

    Together we can evolve the definition of “beautiful,” if we even need one. 



    Released: November 2015


Dreams of Dalí

The Dalí Museum
  • Dreams of Dalí

    When a piece of artwork really inspires you, sometimes you just want to jump inside it and wander around. And now you can. 

    “Dreams of Dalí” takes us inside the mind of the legendary surrealist Salvador Dalí by transporting us into one of his early paintings, Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s “Angelus” (1935). Just put on the virtual-reality headset, and you’ll be able to move around inside the painting in a fully immersive 3-D environment. You’ll look beyond what was depicted in the original frame and even hear Dali’s possible thoughts as he was imagining his surreal world. 

    “We are excited that our partnership with the Dalí Museum has allowed us an opportunity to explore a new way to look at art,” remarked GS&P co-founder Jeff Goodby. “Dalí was a true visionary, and no other artist would be a better fit for this project.”

    “Dreams of Dalí” will be open to the public at the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. A 360-degree-video version of the experience, involving simpler VR gadgets like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, is also available at 

    Released: January 2016

    San Francisco, The Dalí Museum, Interactive, Film, Integrated, Mobile, Experiential