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I Am The New Creative


Adobe Celebrates “The New Creatives”

September 17, 2013
  • Adobe Celebrates “The New Creatives”

    GSP released a new commercial today for Adobe called “I Am the New Creative” in conjunction with Adobe’s announcing it has surpassed one million subscriptions to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. The spot is the first work for Adobe’s new campaign celebrating what they have dubbed “the new creatives.” More work from the campaign will roll out in the months ahead.

    “Creatives today do a little bit of everything, from illustration to filmmaking to web design,” said GSP associate creative director Will Elliott. “We wanted the spot to celebrate how all these different disciplines are coming together.”

    In the spot a series of artists is shown with their work projected across their faces. Artists who appear include Joshua Davis, Dylan Roscover, Anita Fontaine, Jeremy Fish and Alejandro Chavetta. Additional artwork was also crowd-sourced from Behance, an online platform that showcases photography, graphic design, illustration and fashion.

    “Default” by Django Django is the soundtrack.

    With Adobe’s Creative Cloud, creative professionals have access to the world’s best tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and many more, in addition to a network of other professionals to share projects, get feedback and showcase their work. 

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Magic seashells for everyone

TD Ameritrade
  • Magic seashells for everyone

    TV Spot: "Shell"

    You know the old saying, “Everyone loves a product demo commercial,” right? No? You don’t? Well, we’re not surprised because it’s not a saying. Because no one loves a product demo commercial.

    Unfortunately, TV is full of them. And the financial trading category is among the worst offenders, marching out a cavalcade of mind-numbing charts and graphs to hawk their latest trading-platform gadgets and gewgaws.

    TD Ameritrade's new Trader campaign takes a different tack, using humor to showcase the company’s powerful trading tools.

    “Shell”, the campaign launch spot, tells the story of a trader who discovers a magic seashell. When the trader listens to it, he hears what's trading on the stock market floor in real-time. He uses the magic shell to play the market, and soon word of his success gets out. He becomes famous. That is, until our trader realizes TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim platform has the exact same feature, which turns out to be bad news for the shell.

    The brand will roll out more creative work in promoting the thinkorswim platform and Mobile Trader app in the months ahead.

    Release date:
    October 2013
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