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Adobe Turns Over Social Media Channels to “New Creatives”

January 20, 2014
  • Adobe Turns Over Social Media Channels to “New Creatives”

    For one week, Adobe is devoting their social media channels to celebrate up-and-coming artists, displaying their work to over 16 million viewers worldwide. 

    Approximately 100 social channels from Adobe will be devoted to promoting Adobe’s “New Creatives” ( campaign that champions the artists of today, who create from anywhere, using any media and any tool. 

    The launch of the campaign was celebrated with the online video, “I Am The New Creative,” that illustrated creative professionals combining different artistic disciplines using Adobe’s Creative Cloud network.

    As an extension of the campaign Adobe’s social takeover, “The New Creatives Are Here,” continues to hail modern creativity by featuring five artists and their work across Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and more. Adobe’s social channels have over sixteen million followers worldwide. 

    Arists featured include Sergio Albiac, Vault49, Joshua Davis, Sonia Dearling and Patrycja Podko_ścielny. 

    "We wanted to give the new creatives the biggest canvas we could," says GSP Creative Director Will Elliott," because the best way to show how amazing Adobe Creative Cloud software is to celebrate the artists who are doing amazing things with it."  

    Each day will features a new artist and include quotes from them on creativity, their Adobe Behance profiles and selected pieces of work. Beyond this week, every Friday will be devoted to a new creative. 

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